table showing the different body regions their anatomical location and corresponding complaints

able has 3 columns body region anatomical location and complaint the table from top to bottom and left to right reads forefoot great toe hallux rigidus seasmoiditis forefoot metatarsals stress fracture mid foot navicular stress fracture mid foot cuboid cuboid syndrom heel plantasr fascia plantar fasciitis ankle posterior calcaneus achilles tendinopathy bursitis calf strains and tears lateral ankle peroneal tendinoapthy medial ankle tibialis posterior tendinopathy shin medial tibia medial tibia stress syndrome tibial stress fracture anteriolateral compartment compartment syndrom knee lateral knee ITB syndrom medial knee mensicus injury anterior knee patellofemoral pain syndrome patellar tendinopathy thigh posterior thigh hamstring tendinopathy hamstringstain stainds and tears hip lateral gluteal medius minimus tendiopathy trochanteric bursitis medial hip femoral neck stress fracture FAI labral tear lower back mechanical low bacl pain