table looking at running gait showing different regions of the body on the left and their corresponding deficiencies on the right

table explaining the different body regions and their deficiencies during running gait the left column says body region and underneath lists great toe ankle knee hip pelvis the right column says deficiency and next to great toes says reduced flexbility reults in reduced push off power altering the take off gait and results in more heel strike when landing increasing the risk of plantar fascia and achilles pain below next to ankle it says redcued flexibilty of ankle increases the tightness in the calf resulting in potential achilles pain and calf strain below next to knee it says weak knee stabiliers can lead to greater knee valgum resulting in patellofemoral pain and increased loading of the medical compartment below that next to hip it says hip drop due to weka glutes can lead to ITB and anterior knee pain as the ITB attaches to the patella and distal femur resulting in a tugging effect on the ITB below that next to pelvis it says increased anterior pelvic tilte can be due to redcued hip flexion due to tight hip flexors and or anterior hip capsule