In the June 2021 issue of The Australian Chiropractic magazine Melbourne city sports chiropractor Dr. Shannon comphrensively reviews the literature on musculoskeletal injection intervenions widely used in clinical practice, those being platelet rich plasma (PRP), corticosteriod injections (CSI) and hyaluronic acid injections (HA) and discusses whether there is clinical utility for these interventions in the modern chiropractic clinic.

From our Melbourne Sports Chiropractic Clinic Experience

At our Melbourne city chiropractic clinic, sports chiropractor Dr. Shannon utilizes injection interventions for a variety of conditions following best practice guidance. When indicated, we will perform diagnostic sports ultrasound in our clinic to better determine the nature of the complaint. Once we are confident in an accurate diagnosis and that an injection intervention will be of benefit, we refer out to one of the leading imaging houses for injection intervention procedure. These occur on a case by case scenario and occur where the literature supports there use. Additionally, they always occurs in tandem with rehabilitation and physical therapy, as well as in consultation with an individual’s family physician.

Injection interventions should never be considered a “silver bullet” nor are they an alternative to undertaking appropriate rehabilitation and treatment. Furthermore, individuals should be wary of practices offering false hope injection interventions as a cure for anything and everything. Unfortunately PRP can fall into this category along with stem cells, the later of which was not covered in Dr. Shannon’s review.

In many cases the front line intervention should always be conservative management which usually begins with rehabilitation, physical therapy along with education around training load management, sleep hygiene, diet and nutrition. In most cases in our melbourne based sports chiropractic clinic injections interventions are used as an adjunct to help a patient over a recovery hurdle during their progressive rehabilitation.

If you are struggling with an injury or have hit a road block with your rehabilitation considering and would like to discuss the pros and cons of an injection intervention in relation to your particular injury, in addition to any other treatment interventions such as exercise therapy make an appointment today at our Melbourne city chiropractic clinic. You will find out practice on the corner of Collins Street and Swanston Street in the Manchester Unity building opposite the Melbourne Town Hall and City Square in the Melbourne CBD.