Currently most countries around the world have enacted self-isolation and quarantine rules to help flatten the curb and reduce the spread of COVID-19. An unfortunate by-product of these restrictions has been the closure of gyms and fitness studios, coupled together with a large number of people now working from home. This has made exercising more challenging and reduced people’s motivation to exercise resulting in more sedentary behaviour and reduced physical activity.

At present the physical activity guidelines recommend at least 150mins per week of moderate to vigorous activity. This means exercising at least to a level where you are unable to complete a full sentence without taking a breath. Why is physical activity important? There is a growing body of evidence that shows how beneficial exercise is for a raft of conditions, it helps to reduce your risk of developing chronic preventable diseases like diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease, as well as reducing your risks of certain types of cancers including breast, colon, liver, kidney. Additionally, it is beneficial for improving balance, bone health, quality of life, cognition, sleep, mood, mental health and immunity among others. 

To combat this decline in physical activity and to motivate people to keep exercising throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the Shannon Clinic together with the help from some great friends who are professional athletes, we have started the #getmoving initiative. On the Shannon Clinic Instagram page we are dropping a series of videos every few days this week from pro athletes who are here to encourage you to keep exercising and to show you how easy it is to exercise without access to a gym or equipment.

We hope that you enjoy the videos as they are released, and they motivate you to keep exercising, we also ask you to share the videos and if you have any requests or questions please comment below the posts. Ultimately, we would like spread the word as far and wide as possible and would like more pro athletes to post similar videos of encouragement. I thank my wonderful friends including WTA players Demi Schuurs and Nicole Melichar, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu champion Ben Hall, ATP players Bruno Soares and Alex Peya for helping out, so get out there and get moving!