Tennis is a sport which involves power and high ball velocities resulting in repetitive stress loading and high-energy forces on the body, which can lead to both acute and overuse injuries. Tennis injuries commonly occur in the shoulder, elbow, wrist, low back, hip, knee, and ankle and can result from a variety of different causes such as poor technique, strength and/or range of motion imbalances, improper playing loads, poorly fitted equipment, inadequate rest periods etc.

Why Choose The Shannon Clinic – Melbourne Chiropractic and Sports Care

The Shannon Clinic = Melbourne Chiropractic and Sports Care and Dr. Shannon not only works with high ranked professional players on the world tour additionally, Dr. Shannon has published work on injuries in elite tennis players co-authored with other experts in the field including the former chief medical officer of the Australian Open.

Combined, these experiences allow us to share our expert knowledge and understanding of tennis injuries with you regardless of whether you are new to the sport, a social player, striving to be or are a professional player.

Additionally, we have relationships with expert coaches and tennis equipment suppliers including Australian Open stringers making sure we have you covered from every angle on and off the court.

What We Do As a Sports Chiropractor

How We Manage Tennis Injuries

We take a holistic approach to injury assessment which begins with understanding why a player has an injury. This might be due to:

  • Improper training loads and rest periods
  • A technique deficiency
  • Range of motion or muscle imbalances
  • Not seeing through or undertaking the appropriate rehabilitation
  • Returning to court too early post injury

We then assess the injury site and surround joints and will determine whether any advanced imaging or interventions are required.

From there we will develop a treatment and rehabilitation program specific to the player with the aim of returning them to court safely and as quickly as possible.

For an overview of the paper Melbourne sports chiropractor Dr. Shannon co-authored head over to our blog and have a read. If you would like more information or to book an assessment today you can either call the Shannon Clinic – Melbourne Chiropractic and Sports Care clinic or book an appointment online below. For more SRC, sports nutrition and sports and exercise medicine related information be sure to check out our blog, Facebook and Instagram posts.