What is sports chiropractic?

Sports chiropractors are chiropractors who have an interest in sports related injuries and exercise medicine. They have are required to undertaken further training and education in sports and exercise medicine. Presently in Australia a pathway of excellence through the Australasian Institute of Chiropractic Education (AICE) has been established for chiropractors interested in sports and exercise medicine. This advanced pathway is a formal 2-year postgraduate program which is required for a chiropractor to use the title “sports and exercise chiropractor”.

What makes sports chiropractors different?

Further to their knowledge and understanding of sports injuries, sports chiropractors advocate and prescribe exercise medicine as a part of their treatment interventions. Additionally, sports chiropractors will utilize rehabilitation programs to address any underlying weaknesses or imbalances that might have resulted in or contributed to your injury/complaint. Furthermore, advice on nutritional support including diet, hydration and supplementation as well as training advice to help optimize performance/recovery may also be provided.

Don’t sports chiropractors only treat athletes?

Sports chiropractors do work with athletes across a variety of levels of sports however and most importantly, sports chiropractors work with everyone, athletes, non-athletes, office workers, domestic carer. It does not matter how active you are, a sports chiropractor is well suited to work with you to overcome your complaints.

What do sports chiropractors treat?

Holding advanced training in sports and exercise medicine, a sports chiropractors scope of practice is broader than that of a traditional chiropractor. As such, sports chiropractors will treat the common spinal complaints that present to a chiropractor in addition to this, a sports chiropractic will assess and manage a variety of complaints including but not limited to:

  • Extremity joint injuries – shoulder, elbow, wrist, finger, hips, knees, ankles, toes
  • Soft tissue injuries – muscle strains/tears, ligament injuries, tendinopathy
  • Sport related concussion
  • Pre/post surgical rehabilitation
  • Bone stress injuries
  • Workload/training load related injuries
  • Cartilage injuries and osteoarthritis
  • Exercise prescription particularly in physically inactive and/or individuals with chronic preventable diseases (diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity)
Why choose the Shannon Clinic – Melbourne Chiropractic and Sports Care as your sports chiropractic clinic?

Dr. Shannon has extensive experience and training in sports and exercise medicine including a 2-year postgraduate diploma in sports and exercise medicine from the University of Otago. He is a Sports and Exercise Fellow of AICE. He works with world leading sports and exercise medicine doctors, sports cardiologists, orthopaedic surgeons, neurologists and physiotherapists across a variety of sports. This includes co-authoring journal papers on a variety of sports medicine related topics. Most importantly though, we are trusted by athletes and performing artists from around the country and world.

You can read more about Melbourne city sports chiropractor Dr. Shannon’s experience in sports medicine following an interview he did for The Age / Sydney Morning Herald which discussed his stint at the IRB Hong Kong Rubgy 7s festival.

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