As Chiropractors and primary health care practitioners we are fortunate enough to treat people from all walks of life and all backgrounds, which makes for a rich and rewarding practice and life. One of the greater challenges in practice is helping to educate patients about the importance of a healthy spine and nervous system and the impact that has on achieving, optimised function, health and well-being.

Part of that education process not only involves explaining what we do and why we do it, but it also includes explaining why we need to see patients more than other doctors. For example, those who frequent a medical doctor are used to going once, receiving a script or referral and may or may not be asked back in a few days or weeks time if the problem hasn’t resolved. The treatment being prescribed is a course of tablets, cream, drops etc that are to be taken every day or two over the next few weeks.
Chiropractors on the other hand will usually advise the patient they need to come back for a course of adjustments every day or two over the next few weeks, with the adjustments being the treatment. Chiropractors work in a slightly different way, but the end results are the same. Both Chiropractors and doctors prescribe courses of treatment it is just how they are delivered that differs. A course of tablets, drops, cream etc prescribed by a doctor can be taken at home, while a course of adjustments need to be carried out by a Chiropractor.
A common question people then ask, is “why do I have to come back?.” The results are often no different in Chiropractic than they are in medicine when one doesn’t follow through with a prescribed course of medication. Many times one course of antibiotics isn’t enough to kill off a bacterial infection, or a course of antibiotics or drops isn’t seen through until the end and the problems returns requiring another course. The same can happen with a course of Chiropractic care, if the problem is bad or has been there for a long time it may require a longer course. Or sometime people start to feel better so they don’t think they need to come anymore only for the problem to return later on. So when any doctor prescribes a course of treatment whether that be a course of adjustments or exercises or tablets or creams it is because we know that is what is required to get you on the road to recovery and feeling better faster.